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Pearl Restringing Service

Pearls need periodic restringing for a couple of reasons. Since the silk that pearls are strung onto tends to stretch or wear out over time, an old string of pearls will often have the potential to break if not properly restrung. Another reason why restringing is important is that dirt and grease have a way of working themselves in between pearls and onto the string holding them together. Over time, such dirt and grime can build and become visibly noticeable, thereby detracting from the overall splendor of your otherwise magnificent pearls. Additionally, an accumulation of grease and dirt can cause a string of pearls to weaken and eventually break.

The more often you wear your pearls, the more frequently you’ll need them restrung. Although pearl restringing is something that jewelry owners can do themselves, many do not have the time, skill, or patience required to do so properly. Considering the fact that professional restringing services do not tend to be expensive, it often makes sense to pay an experienced pearl professional to restring your pearls rather than run the risk of doing it incorrectly.

The cost of restringing will usually be based on the length of the strand of pearls at hand: The longer your strand is, the higher your cost is likely to be. However, in the grand scheme of jewelry maintenance, professional pearl restringing is not something that’s going to break the bank (not to mention the fact the cost of replacing any pearls that end up going missing as the result of an old, broken string will be far more significant).                                                                            
                                                                                                          Published January 29, 2010 Yodle Author: Indra Jhveri